Bye bye Catherine Lane PR and hello The Influence Crowd

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Why we felt it was time to change our name.

It’s a big day for us today. The time has finally come to say goodbye to the Catherine Lane PR brand that we have used for the last 16 years. From today, we will be known as The Influence Crowd.

Why have we made the change?

Well when we started the agency all those years ago we were a smaller, simpler operation. A straightforward name suited us. Catherine Lane PR just worked.

But for some time now, we’ve been feeling that the name did not 100% represent who we have become.

The factors that influence someone to buy a product or alter their opinion about an organisation or issue have changed. And over the last few years, we have upped our skills and grown our PR team to take advantage of these new opportunities.

Our PR campaigns now include a mix of hard-hitting content, social advertising, influencer engagement and social media campaigns, as well as lots of fantastic media coverage.

We feel it’s time our name caught up.

It’s the same great team behind the scenes and we’ll still be getting you fantastic results, it’s just that we will have a new name to go by that better represents what we do.

Catherine Lane

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