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Corporate PR

Do you want a PR campaign that has an impact on your bottom line?

The way people form their opinions about organisations has changed. Buyers have often shaped an opinion about your brand before they ever open a marketing email from you. What they have read online in blogs and on social feeds helps create their view of your organisation.

The right place and time

For this reason, PR is an incredibly powerful tool in helping buyers understand what your organisation stands for and what your products or services can do for them.

The right story, featured at the right time, in the places where your audience is already looking for information can drive more action than any marketing message could.

We have worked with organisations such as Capita, IRIS Software Group, Northgate Public Services and CGI to help them develop their PR and communications. Campaigns have covered the IT, health, finance, HR, housing, policing and transport sectors.

If you would like to know how we can help you, call us on 020 7117 6015 or email hello@theinfluencecrowd.co.uk

“The campaign delivered exactly what we wanted… Resulting in the best prospect list we have had for a long while.”
Adam Smith
Marketing manager - PS Financials, part of the IRIS Software Group

Focused on your business goals

Our PR campaigns focus very closely on your business goals. Our job is to make sure that any PR efforts bring in new sales or change people’s opinions.

We use the right mix of media coverage, social advertising campaigns and blogger and influencer engagement to deliver behaviour that has an impact on your bottom line.

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