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Learn and Thrive


Learn and Thrive is a charity who have a mission to empower people with Down’s Syndrome to thrive throughout their lives.  

When they created a series of videos and printable resources to help teach children with Down’s Syndrome about puberty, appropriate touch and relationships, they wanted to ensure as many teachers as possible signed up to use them. We were called in to help out. 


“Suddenly everyone knows who we are.”
Johanna Aiyathurai

Our strategy

We know the quickest way to get a teacher’s attention is to focus on solving a problem for them. So our first task was to create some new messaging that focused on the benefits of using the resources for PSHE or RSE lessons for students with special educational needs.  

We also know that an advertising campaign across social media channels would provide the quick results needed while keeping budgets tight, so this would be the main focus of our activity. In addition, a series of Google Ads would be used to capture those teachers who were already actively searching for resources. 

The campaign

We designed and launched a series of targeted digital ads across Facebook and X/Twitter, along with a supporting Google Ads campaign. Very quickly we started to see results as teachers were drawn to the website to download and use the resources.  

By the end of the campaign sign-ups had increased by 300%. Other effects were felt too as Learn and Thrive CEO, Johanna Aiyathurai, explains. We started to get asked to speak at key industry events and very soon other associations began signposting links to our resources, ensuring a greater number of people with Down’s Syndrome would receive help. Working with The Influence Crowd was brilliant.” 


The Results

Increase in web traffic

120% increase in website traffic via new users


300% increase in resource downloads

New leads and sales

2,036 email addresses added to the marketing database and sales attributed to campaign


Greater profile

Received invitations to speak at industry events


Raised awareness of the charity and its work in the sector alfon MP, NSPCC and Ofqual

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